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One of our top goals at ATL Dispensary is to deliver cannabis products that you can trust. In the second installment of our new video series, owner Doug Weller talks about authenticity – something that sets ATL Dispensary apart from your average vape shop experience. 

Owner Doug Weller discusses what sets ATL Dispensary product apart.

Consuming Cannabis Products You Can Trust  

Whether you’re shopping online or in store, you can rest assured all of the products we sell are clean. 

“I care about people and what they put in their body,” Weller says. “We’re very clean with what we make, whereas what you’re going to get at most vape shops and gas stations is not clean.” 

Not all cannabis products are created equal. Without a federal standard for industry producers, the level of oversight and testing differs from state-to-state. Many products out there aren’t what they claim to be, which puts you – the consumer – at risk

All of the products you find at ATL Dispensary – online, in-store, wholesale, etc. – is backed by a certificate of authenticity. 

What Makes ATL Dispensary Products Safe? 

We have fairly unique insight into the authenticity of our products, because we control much of the manufacturing process. 

Through third-party testing, we can attest to the potency and purity. You can be sure what you purchase is clean of any residual pesticides, solvents or other contaminants. 

“Ask a gas station owner to see a certificate of authenticity – a COA – and see if they have one for you to look at,” Weller notes. “They won’t. They just won’t.” 

ATL Dispensary is a one-stop shop – based in Georgia – that provides quality cannabis products. We stock high-quality industrial cannabis-derived products, including CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 8, and many other cannabinoids. 

In need of some quality cannabis? 

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Anyone in the greater Atlanta area can stop by one of our two locations in Midtown and Gwinnett. We can also ship products directly to you – find us online or check out our Leafly storefront.